What our clients are saying about us


“Sendel has done so much that has improved the quality of life in the short time I have known her I just recieved a wheelchair the she arranged for me making it possible once the end of the lockdown to be able to go shopping like a normal person which I havent been able to do for at least 3 years and now I can go to my much loved bunnings and spend some time having a good look around which I havent done for 5 years because of my broken back and the pain that I am in on a daily basis and now I can ask my support worker even just to wheel me out to the footpath outside my place just be able to see something other than my four walls to feel the warm sun on my face get some vitamin D from another source than what I swallow every morning. If I had a million dollars I’d give half too her. God bless her thank you. “

– David Grimaud (NDIS participant)

“Bright Care Services provide an amazing service. They really care about the community. Highly recommend.”

– Mish Ceh


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